The PS4 Pro announcement press conference was a return to form for Sony.

Remember that company that couldn’t get out of its own way? The one that priced a console at $600 US at launch? That company that made amazing historically accurate games? (Holy shit, I just realized that was all from one press conference!)

Well, they’re back and better than ever!


PS4 Pro conference slide
Sweet Power Point slide, bro.

My goodness that press conference was a mess from the very beginning. That was not a press conference as much as it was a lecture. Please, tell me more about what HDR is and the technical specifications of a 4K TV. And Mark Cerny, while obviously super intelligent, was so incredibly boring that his section of the conference was uncomfortable to watch.

By the way, did they show a sizzle reel at the end that only showed the same clips from the same games that they used during the conference or is it just me?

Press conference awfulness aside, my biggest problem with the hardware is that it tries to fix a problem that does not exist. Tell me, how many people do you know that own a 4K or HDR TV?  The answer to that question for me is zero. The install base for that technology is so low that I can’t believe that they are making a whole console that revolves around it. Even worse, they are making their developers jump through hoops to make games for 2 SKUs now.

Two other points that make it look like Sony has no idea what they are doing. First, the whole conference they are pushing two technologies; 4K and HDR and it seemed like the leaned more heavily on the importance of HDR. So if they want to sell us on this console b/c of HDR, then why are they patching the same technology into standard PS4s for free?

Second, once the conference was over, we find out that even with all this pushing of 4K technology the PS4 Pro DOESN’T HAVE A 4K BLU-RAY PLAYER. None of this makes sense.

With Sony’s Playstation Division carrying the weight of the entire company, it’s hard to believe that they could make such a colossally bad mistake, but here we are. It seems like this is a decision that is more about selling 4K TVs than it is about selling a console to the hard-core gamer. At least that is what I am telling myself, because I really don’t want to believe that the people at Playstation can be so incredibly stupid.

I see you, Microsoft.

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