Doom Revenant
Hello, beautiful.

My loyal readers (hi, mom!) may remember my break-up letter that I wrote to Doom a few weeks back. It was a cordial break up, but it kept nagging me that maybe I didn’t give it a fair shot. So I gave it a week and then reconnected with what turned out to be the best damn shooter I’ve played in a very long time.

I’m not sure what my deal was the first time. I find when you are consuming any type of media you have to be in the right mood or it just won’t stick. This must have been the case with me and Doom because when I started it back up after a week or so away from it, I couldn’t pull myself away.

The pace of the game is amazing and frenetic. You have to keep moving or you’ll be dead in seconds. The level design rivals that of any of the top shooters I’ve played in the last few years and surpasses most. The shooting itself is fluid and feels really nice with my DualShock 4.

Doom pulls no punches and is hard as hell. If you don’t have control over what weapons work best in certain scenarios and you haven’t tried to find the upgrade bots hidden on every level, you are screwed. There were certain battles, both against bosses and increasingly difficult hordes, that I had to play again and again to finally beat, but it felt so satisfying to finally take them down…like Bloodbourne boss battle satisfying.

Besides just playing through the campaign, which I did with a grin on my face through clenched teeth, Doom is begging to be replayed. There are so many secrets to find, from hidden soldier dolls that unlock character models, to secret doors that open up classic Doom levels that keep you coming back for more.

I was completely right when I wrote my first post about Doom – it was me. And I am so glad that decided to give it a second chance.

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